The Benefit Bidding Team will help you create a silent auction bidding frenzy with our proven methods of intensifying competitive bidding. We create an exciting event which enhances your guests experience while making your job easier and increasing your revenue. We assist you with proper set up and display of your silent auction items, determining the proper number of items and how to motivate bidders to bid on your items. With Benefit Bidding your event can start online weeks before your live event generating excitement and anticipation for your upcoming fundraiser.


Listed below are only a few of the areas Benefit Bidding can assist you with in your silent auction

  • Proper location of your silent auction tables
  • Attractive and catchy item descriptions
  • Item Display
  • Featured items
  • Bundling items
  • Making bidding easy
  • Advertising the items
  • Setting starting bid amounts
  • Setting “Buy Now” amounts
  • Closing the silent auction
  • Big Board auctions

Silent auctions are a lot like baking a cake. You need the proper ingredients with some icing on top, a silent auction requires the correct mix of items plus a couple of WOW items for the frosting on top!