Online Quilt Auctions

Benefit Bidding will help your organization host an online fundraising quilt auction.
We’ll take your cause to heart and assist you with raising money for your philanthropic organization.

There are so many reasons to love quilting. The combination of intricate patterns, beautiful textiles, and one of a kind pieces make quilting an art which is admired and appreciated by many. The ability to create something which has both artistic and monetary value has empowered many quilters organizations to use their talents to help those in their community who are in need. Outreach projects are extremely important to most quilters. In fact, one of our favorite things about quilters is their big hearts!

Benefit Bidding offers live, online, and mobile bidding auctions. Online and mobile bidding auctions are a great way to reach all of your supporters – at any time or any place.

Auction participants can place bids from the comfort of their own home in PJ’s and comfy socks! It’s truly that easy for anyone to participate.

Online fundraising quilt auctions help raise funds and awareness and, online quilt auctions also provide an opportunity for quilters to showcase their work and promote relationships within the quilting community. Hosting an online fundraising quilt auction allows your quilters guild to connect with other quilters, share knowledge, and inspiration. Miniature quilts are very popular and have excellent success in online auctions.

Hosting an online fundraising quilt auction is simple! Members of your group or quilt will often donate miniature quilts or quilts make from their “stash”.  We upload the information and images of the quilts to your custom branded online auction site. Next, spread the word – like wildfire – to all of your friends, family and supporters. Direct them go to your custom online auction website. After the auction closes, your organization may choose to have a “pick-up party” or mail out the quilts to the winning bidders. Don’t worry! Benefit Bidding will guide you through the process every step of the way. For example, provide suggestions on the ideal number of quilts to have in your auction and how many days your auction should run.

Let’s build a custom branded
auction site for your organization!

Fundraising made easy

How it Works

  • Contact Benefit Bidding to schedule a free consultation
  • Set a time period for your auction
  • If you will be requesting sponsorships – determine sponsorship levels
  • Create initial marketing materials for your event, these include: solicitation letter sent to your organization, sponsorship request letter sent to businesses – Yes, we have example sponsorship and donation request letters
  • Send out a request for auction items and sponsorships
  • Have Benefit Bidding build a custom branded website for your organization
  • When items arrive fill in the auction item spread sheet provide by Benefit Bidding. Spread sheet contains information about the quilts, quilters and donors
  • Have pictures taken of the items and quilts
  • Upload auction items to the website – Benefit Bidding makes this step easy
  • Start the auction
  • Spread the word about your online auction event!
  • Use Social Media, Blogs, Newsletters, Emails… to promote your event!
  • When the auction closes winning bidders purchase quilts online
  • Quilts are then picked up or shipped
  • Send a thank you email to everyone reporting your success!

Benefits of our Online Auction Sites

  • Bids can be placed anytime from the comfort of your home or on the go from your mobile device or tablet
  • Bidders can place “Auto” or “Regular” bids
  • When outbid bidders can receive an email or text message so they can bid again
  • Raise more money by offering auction sponsorships. Sponsors logos with clickable links to sponsors websites can be placed on the auction home page
  • Donors and quilters can be recognized on the item description page with clickable links to their website
  • Social media share buttons: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter – make it easy to promote your auction
  • Sell items using our “Buy Now” feature
  • Raise event more with our Popcorn Bidding / Dynamic bidding option
  • Reach more bidders online – you are not limited to only bidders who attend a live event
  • Easily move online pre-bids to a “Live Event”
  • Yes, our software has “Live Event” clerking – contact us for details!
  • Secure PCI Payment Processing

Example Online Quilt Auctions


Benefit Bidding has had the privilege of serving non-profit organizations since 1990. Our clients are provided support and guidance throughout the entire planning process. Private and public schools, churches, foundations, booster clubs and other civic organizations have all benefited from our services. The Benefit Bidding team conducts auctions for groups of all sizes. In 2009, we added customized online auctions to our menu of services and changed our company’s name from Lloyd Cooper Auctioneers to Benefit Bidding.

We understand your concerns. We have served as volunteer chairs for several fundraising auctions of various sizes – from school booster clubs to a gala for a national non-profit organization. For each event, we (Lloyd and Mary) were responsible for comprehensive event development: volunteer recruitment, marketing, sponsorship and auction item solicitation, audience development, venue selection, event logistics…everything involved in creating a successful fundraising auction. We want to help you experience the overwhelming gratification which results from a successful fundraising auction. We are personally committed to helping every client achieve record-breaking results.

Our Services

  • Online Auctions

    We create a custom branded online auction website which can also be used to obtain auction items and cash donations.

  • Live Auctions

    We inspire the audience so they bid high and bid often!

  • Mobile Bidding Auctions

    Your bidders already use their smartphones for everything from checking emails to texting family and friends to finding a restaurant. Why not make it easy for them to use their smartphones or tablets to bid on auction items?

What others say about us

“Benefit Bidding provided excellent customer service for the development of the auction and support once the auction went live. We raised more money than we had anticipated and our supporters tell us that it was overall a fun experience. We plan to do more auctions using their services and recommend them highly.”

I have been involved with two charity organizations that used Benefit Bidding Auctions for their fund raisers. Admittedly, we had some well-intentioned volunteers in our organizations, but we did not have experience with auctions or web design. It was a great relief having Benefit Bidding to take care of those tasks so we could focus on our event. Benefit Bidding helped us through the process starting with organizing the auction items, photographs, and designing the action web site. The owners are cordial and very prompt with their replies. Benefit Bidding made both of our events successful and we will use them again.

After hearing that our local food bank was in dire need of both food and funds, we decided to have a silent auction. We thought an online auction would reach more bidders and a friend suggested I contact Lloyd Cooper, the auctioneer who conducts the live auction at the Quilters Guild of Dallas show each year. Lloyd is very good and, thanks to his auctioneer abilities, I have bought quite a few minis over the years. He recently started an on-line auction company, Benefit Bidding, to benefit charitable organizations. I sent them the banner from our website and they built the page to look similar to our site. They built our auction page, complete with our mini quilts, in just 2 ½ days. There were also links to our website on the page. They even took care of the press releases! I was contacted by several people in the media and there was an article in our paper. We were thrilled with the outcome and so was our food bank.

I thoroughly enjoyed attending the benefit auction organized by Lloyd and Mary Cooper. I loved every minute! They did such a great job with the presentation of items at the event. Plus, making the items available prior to the event on their online auction website was really helpful in raising awareness of Chris and even more money for his transplant fund. Lloyd was the auctioneer and the MC. I don’t know how Lloyd does it, but he was great! He created enthusiasm in the audience and was passionate about the cause. He was very entertaining and kept my attention the whole time! I really enjoyed the way Lloyd structured his presentation. His auction skills brought great financial results for the cause.

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