There are many organizations which participate in auctions in order to raise money.  One of our favorite types to work with are schools.  School can be the gateway to a community.  We all have fond memories of band, football, dances, and trying not to fall asleep during a class.  One of my least favorite memories is going door to door selling everything from plants to wrapping paper to chocolate bars.  Auctions are the answer to engaging the community and getting selling items they actual want.  Here are some great items for school auctions.
This is an amazing project from a kindergarten class at St. Louise Parish School in Bellevue, Washington. This outstanding image was inspired by Kandinsky.  According to the website, each student made a circle on a square piece of paper.  I love this and think it would be an amazing piece of art to hang in a living room.  It’s just incredible!

Have you or anyone you know thought you could run the school?  Why not let them bid to be a principal for a day?  Auction off a day and a few hours to run the whole school!  You can limit this to an age group, or have anyone be able to hang out
with the principal and see what   their day is actually like.  You can also auction off other positions, like basketball coach, science teacher, art teacher, an many many others! is a mom blog with really intersting projects, including how to decorate your own umbrella.  Why not have a classroom of kids decorate an umbrella and auction it off?  It’s practical and fun!

There are tons of ways to have an amazing fundraiser with awesome items parents and community members will want to buy.  You can still sell chocolate at the event, but handmade items with true meaning behind them will sell much better.  Be sure to visit the Benefit Bidding Pinterest page to see more auction ideas.