Popcorn Bidding

For online auctions Benefit Bidding offers a feature known as “Popcorn” or “Dynamic” bidding.  If a bid is made within a set time usually set to 9 minutes and 59 seconds of the auction’s scheduled closing time, Popcorn Bidding automatically extends the scheduled closing time for the auction of that particular item for another 10 minutes after the bid is made. Each subsequent bid resets the clock to allow bids to be made for another 10 minutes. Once there has been no bidding activity for 10 minutes, the bidding is considered completed and no further bidding is accepted. The auction for the item is closed. As always, the person who placed the highest bid wins the item.

Popcorn bidding prevents a practice known as “sniping,” where bidders place a bid in the last seconds before an auction closes, thus preventing other bidders from responding with a higher bid. Auctions which employ Popcorn Bidding mimic traditional “live” auctions.

As always, if there is a specific item you really want, it is in your best interest to monitor the auction during the last few minutes and to offer the highest Auto Bid amount that you are willing to spend.

Please contact us at auction@benefitbidding.com for more information about Popcorn Bidding, Online Auctions, Mobile Bidding or raising funds for your philanthropic organization.  Turning on the Popcorn Bidding options will result in raising more funds with your online fundraising auction.

Benefit Bidding Auctions

Thank your volunteers


December is upon us!  This is a wonderful time of year and a great time to thank your volunteers!  How do you do that?  We have several suggestions to help your volunteers feel special.

  1. Throw a party.  This doesn’t have to be a big, expensive shindig, just a get together to show the volunteers how much you appreciate them.  You can provide food and drink, or just punch and cookies.
  2. Have an awards ceremony.  Give out awards for categories like “Most Hours Volunteered” or “Most Miles Traveled.”. You can make and print certificates at local office supply stores or your local library.  Try your best to honor each volunteer so they all feel special.  If you can afford it, small trophies or awards medals would also be fun.
  3. Send thank you notes.  Nothing means more to people then getting a hand written thank you note in the mail.  You can have stationary printed at your local office supply store, or you can have them printed with your organizations logo from an online vender such as Vistaprint.  Plain or generic holiday stationary also works well at this time of year.  Be sure to include something particular about the volunteer for whom you are writing the note.
  4. Give a small gift.  Everyone loves to get presents.  You can provide bags, t-shirts, cups, or other handy items for your volunteers.  T-shirts are especially nice as they advertise your organization and volunteers can wear them at events.  Find deals at your local t-shirt shops or online at places like 4imprint or Vistaprint.

When volunteers come to work and give their time for your organization it is important to thank them.  Having an annual event, giving a gift, or writing a note to thank your volunteers can help invigorate them for the year to come.  Give back to your volunteers by thanking them for their time.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation raises $100,000 at Dallas Wine Opener fundraiser


The Northeast Texas Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation reached its $100,000 fundraising goal at its Dallas Wine Opener last month.

Highland Capital Management sponsored the 10th annual event, which was chaired bySeth and Allison Hare and Brett and Sarah Smith on May 8 at Trinity Groves.

More than 350 people attended, and the event was hosted by Timm Matthews, host ofThe Game on CBS Radio with music by Downtown Doug. Lloyd Cooper of Benefit Bidding LLC was the auctioneer.

Major donors included:

$15,000: Highland Capital Management.

$7,500: Seth and Allison Hare.

$5,000: American Airlines, Chubb, Raising Cane’s and Title Source Inc.

There were live and silent auctions, a traditional wine tasting, and a “stock your bar” raffle.

Wines and beverages were donated by Glazer’s, Texas Ale Project, Naked Truth, Somethin Shady, Deep Eddy, Pour House, Republic National Distributing, Nectar Girl and Starbucks.

Restaurants and bakeries donating to the event were 3015 at Trinity Groves, 303 Grill, Blue Mesa, Luck Dallas, Max’s Wine Dive, Pier 247, Tillmans Roadhouse, Cake Carousel and Food for Thought.

25 Years Benefit Bidding

Can you believe it?  Benefit Bidding 25 years of helping non-profit organizations!

This month we decided to ask Mary about the start of the business.  Enjoy!

When did you and Lloyd get married?

October 15, 1983 in Topeka, KS.  We met in high school in Fall 1978 – in debate class.  Lloyd was (still is) an excellent debater – won many competitions.  Me – well, not so much…

What brought on the idea to start this type of business?

Our church held a fundraising auction and it really “sparked” Lloyd’s interest.  He researched auction schools and learned that, at that time (1990), the “Harvard” of auction schools was in Kansas City, MO – just 60 miles from our home town.  Fundraising auctions are truly a fun and exciting way to raise funds and awareness for a cause – and we felt this would be a wonderful way to help our community.  That was the start of our live auctions.

Our technology addition, which includes our online auctions, started in 2010.  Lloyd is a “techie” – and wanted to bring the fun of fundraising auctions into people’s homes!  It’s great for people to be able to bid and help their favorite cause – while sitting on the couch at home with their phone or iPad – sipping coffee or wine – depending on the time of day!

Also, our family has been affected by cystic fibrosis – a genetic disease which has no cure – but, through dedicated volunteers and many fundraising events- including auctions! – a cure is a very real possibility.  We understand that awareness and fundraising can bring positive results and help families facing all types of challenges:  poverty, disease, etc – can look forward to – and experience – better quality of life as a result of fundraising auctions.

Who was your first client?

National Marrow Donor Program.  The most notable part of the auction: The event chair, a native Texan, had received a bone marrow transplant from a gentleman in Scotland. During the event, (and remember – this was 1990), she called the Scottish gent.  The phone was hooked up to speakers so the audience could hear.  The chair asked him if he had freckles, and he replied that yes, he had many, many freckles!!  The chair, who had many, many freckles – revealed that, prior to receiving the marrow transplant – had NEVER had any freckles!!

What is your favorite part of this business?  

Meeting people involved in the cause – and learning about WHY they are involved.  Everyone has a story and it’s very inspiring to learn why someone is passionate about a cause.

IN the past 25 years, we have done some amazing things.  Benefit Bidding is unique in that Lloyd and Mary have chaired 2 gala events.  We understand what the event chairs are experiencing – have been in their shoes.

Thanks for sticking by us for the past 25 years.  We look forward to helping with your auctions for the next 25 year!

Visit us at benefitbidding.com