Every organization supports a good cause.  The key is to let people know about your cause and how important it is.  The more people who know, the more money you will raise, and the better off your cause will be.

  • Tell friends and family about the people or organization you are helping.  Bring it up in casual conversation.
  • Send out updates about the organization you are supporting.  If your organization supports a cause, send updates about what they support.  For example, a local organization gives monetary funds to a group that provides therapy horses to local children.  Sending updates to those who have given money or time before allows them to know what their money has been used to do.  This can be a mass e-mail, postcard, or letter.  Include pictures of what is happening as a visual reference.  There are several ways to do this.  Microsoft Word has templates that can help you with a newsletter.
  • Find out as much about your organization and cause.  Before people give time, money, or auction items, they want to know exactly what they will be funding.  The more you know, the more people will want to help your cause.
  • Share posts from the organization on social media.  Retweeting, sharing on Facebook, and including it on your Instagram feed can help raise awareness of the organization and help you raise money later on.
  • Tell everyone in your organization to share these simple tips to help your cause.  If the other members of your organization do these things as well, your organization will get out more information and more money to help.

People love to hear how they can help others and how they have helped others in the past.  Keeping in contact with people who have given money for your cause in the past will help you to raise more money in the future.

Photo by Matus Laslofi.

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