How do you make social media work for your organization?  It’s difficult to keep up with every social media application out in the world and know how to use it as a fundraising booster.  This series of posts will tell you how to use various social media to boost your online auction sales and advertise your fundraiser event.

Facebook, with 1.1 billion users, and Twitter, with over 300 million users, are great ways to get the word out about your auction.  If you don’t already have one, you will need to set-up a Facebook page and a Twitter account.  Here are some directions on how to get started on Facebook.  To set-up a Twitter account, follow the directions here.

Facebook can help you network, send out invitations to events, and update members of your organization and fans.  After you make a page, you will need to start posting things about your organization.  Invite your friends, from your personal Facebook page, to like the organization’s page.  Make sure to tell your organization’s members about the Facebook page, too.

Making events on Facebook can really help your members and fans know what is happening.  Events are easy to create from your organization’s page.  You can type in the basic information, and send it out to your members.  It is a great, informal way to let people know what is coming up.  Members can RSVP to events, giving you a headcount for your events.  Click here for directions on how to set-up an event invitation.

Twitter is another wonderful way to update people on what is happening in your organization.  On Twitter, it is easy to update a wide varitey of people, who may, or may not be members of your organization.  To gain followers, you need to follow other people and organizations most like yours.  This is also a great way to network with other organizations.  You can learn from their tweets and they can learn from yours.  You can also use the direct message system to contact people about events and keep them updated on news.  Click here for a list of 25 tips to make using Twitter worth your time.

The most important thing about social media is to keep your audience engaged.  Be sure to post daily and keep things interesting!

Social media can be confusing and intimidating.  Benefit Bidding can help you navigate and understand the best way to engage others to make sure you have an amazing and profitable fundraising experience.


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