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Our wonderful auctioneer, Lloyd, in costume for an event!  Ahoy!

Displaying Lloyd in costume.pngThe best auctions have a great auction theme.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to have balloons or matching clothes, but it does mean you need a cohesive auction theme to make sure your live auction can be fun and get your organization the most money.  What does having a theme entail?

An overarching auction theme can really add to the ambiance of your event.  In order to choose a theme, you must first look at the people who will be coming to the event.  You wouldn’t want to have a luxurious champagne brunch for families, but you might want to have that type of event for a women’s organization.  Knowing who will be invited to your event will allow you to tailor an auction theme the guests will enjoy.

Here are some themes for your next event:

  1. High Tea: This is a mid-afternoon event which mothers and daughters love.  Tea, small sandwiches, and cold appetizers make this event cost effective and easy to put together.  Add ambiance by borrowing tea pots from volunteers and members to use as centerpieces.
  2. Circus: This can be a really fun theme and can be for grown-ups only or can include kids.  Curtains, stripes, and sparkle can make this event really something.  Include games and prizes, popcorn and funnel cakes to make the theme really stick.
  3. Vegas:  Who doesn’t love a Las Vegas themed party?  You can have gaming tables and, depending on State and local laws, you can let your guests gamble knowing the money goes toward your organization.  If gambling isn’t possible, you can still have gaming, just with no money.  People will still love it!
  4. Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams: This can get expensive, but it’s worth it to make your guests feel like a million bucks.  Serve sparkling wine and passed horderves.  Black and white decorations can also help with this theme.  Have your guests dress in black tie attire to complete the look.
  5. Masked Ball: Okay, you don’t have to have a ball, but a masked party can be fun!  You can have people make masks at the auction, or have ready made masks for them when they arrive.

There are many great websites that can help you find a theme.  Visit our Pinterest boards to see some great ideas. Lloyd and Mary can also help you find a theme for your auction.  They are also willing to dress to the occasion and make your event memorable.

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