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December is upon us!  This is a wonderful time of year and a great time to thank your volunteers!  How do you do that?  We have several suggestions to help your volunteers feel special.

  1. Throw a party.  This doesn’t have to be a big, expensive shindig, just a get together to show the volunteers how much you appreciate them.  You can provide food and drink, or just punch and cookies.
  2. Have an awards ceremony.  Give out awards for categories like “Most Hours Volunteered” or “Most Miles Traveled.”. You can make and print certificates at local office supply stores or your local library.  Try your best to honor each volunteer so they all feel special.  If you can afford it, small trophies or awards medals would also be fun.
  3. Send thank you notes.  Nothing means more to people then getting a hand written thank you note in the mail.  You can have stationary printed at your local office supply store, or you can have them printed with your organizations logo from an online vender such as Vistaprint.  Plain or generic holiday stationary also works well at this time of year.  Be sure to include something particular about the volunteer for whom you are writing the note.
  4. Give a small gift.  Everyone loves to get presents.  You can provide bags, t-shirts, cups, or other handy items for your volunteers.  T-shirts are especially nice as they advertise your organization and volunteers can wear them at events.  Find deals at your local t-shirt shops or online at places like 4imprint or Vistaprint.

When volunteers come to work and give their time for your organization it is important to thank them.  Having an annual event, giving a gift, or writing a note to thank your volunteers can help invigorate them for the year to come.  Give back to your volunteers by thanking them for their time.

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